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Hey guys,

I have already found a few posts about this issues and done all the things adviced.
-remove all drivers
-disable OB audio
-fidle with cables
-unified driver

But here is the thing, any software volume change wont effect to buzzing, its when I up the volume on the speaker set it starts buzzing. I can have it set so you can barly hear the buzz but then I just cant get a decent amount of sound out of the speakers.

Logitech Z623 2.1 and Sigma 360 headset.

Also when I was fidling with the case, putting back on side panel etc I was getting lots of static noise trough the speakers.

Any advice on how to possibly fix this. Guess I could have the speakers go of the OB sound card, differnce isnt that noticable anyway.

EDIT: Just had a buzzing sound come in the middle of a game and there was no way to get rid of that one, it was very loud.

And just like that the buzzing can also just disapear.
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