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I got the first board off ebay and it wouldnt allow for RAM settings over 1600 or it would be unstable. So I RMA'd it with Asus (there communication skills are horrible fyi, I got home one day it was at my door meanwhile the day before I called asking when it would ship and the guy didnt know) Back to the reason for the post..

The new board wasnt completely stable at 2133 off the bat, but then the bios were 0701, so I updated the bios to 2303 (newest release). Ive only had the board up and running for a week (havent spent a ton of time on it, but last night my computer started spazzing out.. Mid way through skype calls my mic would break up, the game I was in would start lagging or momentarily glitching.. I noticed it a couple days earlier but thought it may be the game lagging.. This time i knew it was the computer. My computer even locked up acouple times last night..

On my P8Z68 board my OC was rock solid.. I even folded for acouple days on the first P8P67 (ram set to 1333mhz, but the CPU OC was still the same) and I didnt have a problem..I mean last night I wasnt even folding at the time of it spazzing out.

SO whats wrong with it??

1) Is my clock unstable on this board? I increased the Vcore by .1 and it was still acting up.. giving me hiccups as you could say.. I plan on decreasing the bclk to 100 instead of my 102.. which will drop my OC to a flat 48 and 2133.. but would an unstable OC cause my symptoms?

2) Could it be the latest version of the bios? I was running the previous on the first board and wasnt having a problem.. Has anyone seen any problems with this version?

3) I really hope there isnt something wrong with this board.. I mean I didnt have this problem prior to this board and have never experienced this before.. It didnt look like this board was brand new.. There was a scuff on the cpu holder or i could of been tim.. and there was cosmetic wear in acouple places.. I doubt they would of shipped a board that wasnt tested though..

Anyone have any advice? I plan on decreasing the OC and maybe rolling back the bios version.. I hope this will fix it.. If not.. I dont know what else to do..

Side note.. I recently put a Corsair AX 850w PSU in.. but I dont think the computer hiccuping is a psu problem right?

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