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Help w/ OC on a Intel DP55WG

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Hey guys, how are you all doing. I am new here my name is half baked chef, but you can call me HBC. If this is wrong place sorry, just move it. I just started to get in to overclocking, and have run in to some issues. Here are my system specs currently.

::MOBO:: Intel DP55WG Media Series
::CPU:: Intel Core i3 - 540 (3.07 stock)
::RAM:: 12GB Corsair Vegence DDR3 1600mhz (limited to 1333 by cpu)
::SSD:: Intel 120GB
::HDD:: WD Velociraptor 150GB
::VIDEO:: Evga Nividia GTX 460
::NET CARD:: Bigfoot Networks Killer 2100
::PSU:: Antec True Power 550w
::CPU COOLER:: Thermaltake Frio (set up only to pull air, not enough room for both fans and my RAM)

So the first step i took was to play around in my bios a bit and get use to it.

I started off by running p95 on blend and changed the ram setting under custom to 90% of avaiable

Everything checked out

Next i went in to bios and turned hyperthreading off and set my memory multiplier to 6 (the lowest setting)
Than i bumped my BCLK up to 150 and ran p95 and burn test. came back stable and temps held fine

Next iwent to 159 my desired BCLCK for now, and repeated the tests.

After everything came back good i tried bumping my memory up to a multiplier of 8

No post...

What do i do next, ican not find a guide on OCing this limited bios.

MY GOAL is to OC my cpu just enough to have my ram running at 1600mhz.

Thanks for your help, HBC
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Thanks for all the help i have received!

So I haven't been able to find much of anything on my cpu, lots on the i3-530, but not 540. Here's where I stand as of now.

BCLK: 150MHz x 23 (multiplier) 3.34 Ghz
Mem: x8 1200MHz
(this all i have changed, everything else is still on auto)
QPI: 3301MHz
NB: 2401MHz
Core: 1.21v

I also tightend my memory timing to 7-8-7-24 from 9-9-9-24. I know i took this step early just wanted to see the effects on stability.

I am a derp so Ididn't write down my stock voltages. I am going to set my bios to default tonight, so my girl can use the pc tomorrow with no worries. So I will check these first thing tomorrow when i get home.

I have ran P95 for an hour no errors, and same with intel burn test. I could not get memtest86 to work, it might be how i am using it. I saw that i had an option for it in grub, but it does not work for me. I am going to look in to the error code it gives me tomorrow as well.

Any thoughts???
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THIS might help thumb.gif
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