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ok i have flashed my gtx 260 -216 core

stock it was
core 625MHz shader 13xxMHZ memory 1100MHZ

i flashed the bios to increase the voltage to 1.18v with higher base clocks of
core 700MHz shader 1400MHZ memory 1200MHZ

now i have overclocked the card higher to
core 782MHZ shader 1564MHZ memory 1250MHZ

core could probably go higher but the shaders are holding me back there max is 1586MHZ over that i get a driver reset

im gaming stable but i have to back it down to core 700MHz shader 1400MHZ memory 1200MHZ for folding


is that a good overclock for air

also how do i hard mod the card for more voltage maybe that will stabalize the shaders @ higher speeds

this is my pcb