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VD VDD (3D)?????

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okay so sometimes precision gives me the option to change that voltage as well as my VGPU but i have no idea what it is or what it does google didn't tell me either.

PS when it does show up it says it is set to the max already at like 1.9 something volts.

EDIT:**** okay i just looked and now it says NV VDD (3D) i swear it changed
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Are you seeing this in precision? I don't think it is really anything you can change.
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yeah it is in precision under the voltage config window sometimes it would let me change it if i want to and sometimes not...
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Huh, I have noticed that. It happened once while using precision x. It was odd. Listed it on gpu-z as well instead of the normal voltage reading come to think of it.
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yeah i want to know if it is changeable to help my 580 hit that magical 1000MHz mark.
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I think it was a mess up in the precision app. Only thing you can change is the normal voltage. The new precision app is too buggy. I went back to AB. What is the max you have hit so far?
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i can run 3d mark @ 985MHz and it will run at the desk top at 995MHz but as soon as i go for 1000 it grey screens
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What is your max voltage?
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Is that what you are at? There may be instructions on flashing the bios to get higher voltage setting. I did that on my 560ti 448's and was able to get to 950 with both cards. thumb.gif
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