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Originally Posted by AquaSurfer View Post

Prices in Argentina are really high stitchfacesmiley.png.
Spawn is great mouse (as long as you like the shape) but it isnt worth 75$ , amazon has it for 40 with free shipping.
Flaws of F3 are not that bad for average user but it's definitely not worth 50$(15$ would be fair price).
I hope you realize that gaming mouse won't give you +10 to skill ;P

Jajaja i know bro xD.

Guys im FINGERTIP GRIPPER and i want a mouse with CABLE biggrin.gif. ALlready recommend me so meny claw/palm mouses and wireless hahaha.

So the Spawn has high LoD really?, i tought it was like 1.4mm... oh man everything is falling a part xD.

The Logitech G500 and g9x are out the discuccion, cost U$D 121-140 in Argentine, its way to far for me.

Also, Amazon doesnt ship to my location, i allready tried :S

For wat i found, i can afford the A4tech F3 and the Spawn. For wat u guys said, the A4Tech has laser problem (wich i dont know how bad they are), someone can tell me how is the LoD in mm?

The Spawn, u said, it has high LoD too, how much? 2mm, 3mm? the form its ok for me i think

Im not a PRO user, i was using a Genius NetScroll 200, i also dont want to waste money so, i dont want to buy a crapy mouse, but the SUPER little things that SUPER sensitive users detect are not a problem for me, but defently, i want a low LoD, not higher than 2mm.

Sry all the problems, this cost a lot in here, so i want to be sure frown.gif, thnks u all for the answers

EDIT: i also found the CM Storm Xornet (Avago ADNS-3050 optical LED sensor). Also i found the Roccat Pyra 1600 Dpi 1000hz for U$D 70.

For wat i found the diference btw the Xornet and the Spawn are these:


DPI 2000/3500
Tracking 160IPS/60IPS
Speed 6700FPS/6400FPS
Acc 23G/20G
Polling 1ms/1ms
Memory 8kb/32kb

So, how good is it? cos i read that and i dont hv a clue xD
Also i read that de LoD of the Xornet is 4.5mm, but with the firmwere 75 was reduced a lot and its even better than the logitech G1, wich i dont know so i dont hv a clue how good is the LoD now, at the official forums ppl was saying that with that FW the the mouse tracker stop moving at 2CD wich is like 2.5mm??, if its 3mm or less i defently would buy this one.

Final Options i hv + U$D 10 of transport

  • CM Storm Xornet = 49 (i dont hv to pay transport for this one).
  • A4tech X7 F3 = 50+10
  • Roccat Pyra = 70+10
  • CM Storm Spawn = 74+10

I know the prices are high, its all i can do, so, wat i buy? tongue.gif
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Originally Posted by AquaSurfer View Post

A4Tech F3 is not good choice. It has Pixart sensor with "jump bug" and fake dpi steps.
Quick review by Kand.

I have a Roccat Pyra which uses the same PixArt sensor, and I haven't been able to reproduce the "jump bug". So the A4Tech does not necessarily have this bug, unless other people have reported it.

Maybe it has the same problem at 1600 DPI, but I always use 800 DPI so dunno...
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chadrew yes people have reported it, not on this forum though.
Originally Posted by HellKrasher View Post

(...) i want a low LoD, not higher than 2mm.(...)
You can do tape fix to lower LoD, link.

What is the problem with your current mouse?
Does it have too low malfunction speed for you? Acceleration? Too high LoD?(see solution above).
Does it jitter?

I guess you just wanna try "Real" gaming mouse.

I don't want to say "buy this one" because shape is very important and what happens when you spend 50 bucks then realize that it doesn't fit you? hope you understand.
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