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[Completed] Appraisal/Contest: Watercooling Parts

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So, I got a ton of watercooling parts from a friend in a trade and I have no clue what they are, or how much they are worth. As I am not interested in taking apart my rig to install all this I am looking to sell it, but it helps to know what I am dealing with. Instead of just asking you straight up what the parts are (that would be boring) I figure we could have a little fun. Each person can identify a single part, if you identify the part correctly, and make a fair appraisal based on condition, I will take 30% off of whatever price I put on the item and you will have first dibs on it. You can *only* identify one part, so make sure you identify the one you would be interested in purchasing. After I have had all parts identified in order to comply with OCN ToS I will create a for sale thread for each item and contact the person that correctly identified the item first. If you would not be interested in purchasing an item but still want to help please send me your identification in a PM!

So Rules:

First person to identify a single part (or in the case of the Rad the fans+rad) gets dibs on that part, and a 30% discount.
You can only identify one part.
You will have to wait for all parts to be identified before I will put up the items in the For Sale section as per OCN ToS.
You must not only identify the part, but state a fair appraisal price based on part condition.

Here are the pics!

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Pump is a swiftech Mcp 655. Can't tell what version without seeing the backside. The res is a swiftech micro res V2. Res worth about $15-20. Pump, depending on version, $55-65.

Can't tell what radiator when all I can see is fans :-). Looks like ALL swiftech gear, apogee CPU block, the universal midget block, that rad might be the mcp320?
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Ahh, so maybe it was one of those all-in-one swiftech kits. Thanks for the info!
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