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Ok, your PCI-E isn't busted then. It sounds like a software issue to me now, as none of your hardware seems to have any problem.

Have you tested actual performance in game and compared it to other systems? Just a suggestion, I don't really expect it to show much but it's a possibility that something is being read wrong.

Also, try downgrading your driver to an older version and see if it fixes the problem.

Did this problem arise when you installed Xfire or did it spontaneously start, maybe after a driver update? wink.gif

Double check your wiring, see if everything is plugged all the way, etc, etc.
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I had a Corshair III and they 2 5770 in crossfire worked perfect. I got a really good deal on this Sabertooth mobo so I moved everything from the ch III to the sabertooth but I only had the one gpu in till I was done with a fresh install and had all drivers loaded and the sec I when to crossfrie this has happen Ive tryeed uninstalling and installing driver and diffrent ones

when Im on a single card I get 40 fps in crossfire it gose to 60

I belive what Im going to do is pickup a 6200 cpu and a pair of 6970 for this sabertooth and move the 1090T and the 5770s back to the ch III I want to thank you all for your help + reps for all
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No problem. thumb.gif Best of luck to you.
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