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System Crashing

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Hey folks,

Not sure were to put this, as I've not been able to track down the reason. But randomly my system is hitting the bluescreen. I cannot figure out why, but I know there is a way to read the logs, I just cannot figure out how. It's been happening for about 4 days. Went on a 2 week vacation, system was powered off, came back, and suddenly my system dumps atleast twice a day.

Cleaned it with Vipre, advance system optimizer, microsoft security essentials. Updated everything. System runs great, just crashing randomly. Boosted my Vcore up from 1.3v to 1.31v just now for a 4.6Ghz just to see if that might have been the issue.
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Drop the entire overclock to stock via the BIOS optimized settings, don't just set them back manually. That's the easiest way to identify if the overclock is the issue. If you run fine with all stocks at factory settings, you then know it was a simple overclock issue.
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Well she's run that OC great for months. I've not put enough volts or done enough stress tests to see any degrading of the chip. I've also Prime95 tested recently, and ran IBT for 5 runs. No crashing, temps are low, and system passing.

Does anyone know how I can pull the crash log up, and figure out what error I've been getting?
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Please just reset the overclock to stock. If it's not the overclock, I'll run through the diagnosis of your BSODs with you.
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