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Originally Posted by stevman17 View Post

Well, from what I have seen it is even better, but I've only ever owned the 6950. 996gt2, having owned both, thinks the 570 is superior. It may be, but if you can pick up a 6950 2gb, unlock the shaders, and OC it for $100 less, you are good to go IMO. I run BF3 on Ultra with only MSAA disabled, and it runs great.thumb.gif

I see what you mean.. my question becomes which is more future proof I guess.

The $100 isn't that big of a deal (my girlfriend is buying it for me and since she said $350 I'll spend $350 lol)

I'm thinking the 570 is more future proof than any of the other cards, but specifically the 6950 since I'll have to OC it to match performance and it has slightly less memory which in the future HAS to come into play.

I think a 7870 with the option to go xFire is where I stand.

EVGA GTX 570 2.5GB:

The 7870 is about the same price.. uses less power, 2GB frame buffer:


7870 Wins for price, performance, future proofing... if I have to go xFire I'll wait for prices to drop and drivers to improve in 6 months when I need some more juice.. I'm thinking the 7870 wins here.
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From the link above:

"AMD has definitely been promoting the overclocking capabilities of the Radeon HD 7000 series and it has been able to live up to its claims so far. With the new Pitcarin GPU AMD showed us (and you) slides showing the overclocked HD 7870 capable of competing with the GTX 580 and the overclocked HD 7850 beating the GTX 570. We did some overclocking testing to see if it lived up to expectations.

Our reference Radeon HD 7870 2GB card was able to run at 1200 MHz, a solid 20% boost over the reference speed of 1000 MHz.

The result - a 3DMark11 score of 7218, nearly 10% higher than the reference performance result. The GTX 580 stock result was 6831, so indeed, the overclocked HD 7870 was able to beat out the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 by 5%."

Since the 7870 (overclocked) beats a GTX 580 by 5% and a 7850 (overclocked) ALMOST keeps up with a GTX 570 and both AMD cards are about $75-$100 cheaper, I'm going to go with the 7870 and OC to beat a 580 by 5% for $100 less. Also, the 7870 does so while using 100 less watts under load, which is something to consider if I ever do decide to run a multi card setup... I just bought an 850W power supply and I do not plan to upgrade for an inefficient pair of Nvidia cards which I'll also pay for every month in the electric bill...

Also, some might say the an OC'd 580, though, beats an OC'd 7870... problem is most 570's and 580's simply don't have the cooling to OC well without getting too hot, they already run very hot because of their high TDB - chances are I'd only beat out a 7870 by roughly 5% if I OC'd a $100 more GTX 580.

7870 it is.

Thanks guys!
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