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You really have to take Corporate many public statements with a grain of SALT. These sentiments are always spoken, always behind the scenes whether we hear about them or not. Of note however is that they have been brought about publicly and this signals that Nvidia is trying to justify some type of change it is mulling over.

In NVIDIA's case they are taking a hard look at efficiencies, as well they should. Things have been stable for some time now with only 2 real players in the high performance Vid Card game. It will be interesting to see how NVidia tries to change the wheels on the train while in motion. If they mistep they risk being more than 2 months behind on the next generation, yet the fact that AMD executed a faster pipeline has shaken Nvidia's core / confidence, so now they are publicly stating to everyone but mostly to themselves that they have to do....something.

That's what we are witnessing. cigar.gif

P.S. If Nvidia is stating they see no money in 22nm it's only because of where they have positioned themselves. Their doing. If they don't beleive they can execute and be first to market on 22nm, then maybe that's the reason for their assessment. Someone will make money on 22nm. I firmly believe Nvidia's cage is of their own making. If they focus on it, they may find their efficiencies they have in mind if not 22nm, but the next series. I know everyone wants instant gratification as opposed to gradual continuous improvements....ADHD in the high tech world.
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