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Very annoyed at this picture as you can see one of the main reasons I went white tubes was to get a UV glow effect and clearly these white tubes do nto reflect any UV and barely any blue led off the fan very dissappointed....


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A pic of my replacement RES its smaller and seemed a tad stronger I have no complaints just wish it included that anti swirling EK part which FCPU does not sell.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Current new layout just got the desk and computer stand aka mini bookshelf, I do plan on going sideways against wall but need to move some stuff first.


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also what might be causing this picture distortion issue?

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Updated Temps and OC adjustments in case anyone wanted to compare

@stock @3.3-3.7Ghz @1.0V-1.18V
P95 = 42/44_48/50
IBT = 48/54_46/52 @1.18V @standard 10passes 90GFlops
IBT = 48/55_46/53 @1.18V @2passes Ram6878MAX 95GFlops
IBT = 49/54_47/51 @11passes ram2k 89gflops

After cleaning + Tims + Distilled Water and Yate Loons
IBT = 44/49_41/47 @1.18V @standard 25passes 90GFlops @21.2 C Ambient
p95 = 41/46_40/45 Blend @22.5C Ambient

@stock, 41/47_39/45C
@4.8Ghz Dudes OC TEMPS=@55/61C - 53/58C
@4.8GHZ DUDES OC Temps=@55/60C - 52/57C GPU=65.25 CPU=7.53 CPUSC=1.93
BEST SCORES EVER = GPU=69.02, CPU=7.89, CPUSC=2.02 @5GHZ

Heaven (to be updated)

@stock @6144mem, run 5x Temps 45-51_43/49
@4.8GHZ Auto OC 1.37V @73/83 - 69/79 @132Glops
@4.8GHZ DUDE OC 1.33V @69/78 - 66/75 @129GLOPS

Linx x Latest AVX After cleaning + Tims + Distilled Water and Yate Loons
@4.8GHZ Dude OC 1.33V 119.0147GflopsPeak 59/68_56/64 @10000Problems n 772 MEM x20

@4.0 auto OC max temps 56/61 - 52/58 @1.32-1.33V
@4.8 auto OC max temps 65/73 - 62/70 @1.41-1.48V
@4.8 DUDE OC max temps 60/66 - 57/63 @1.33/1.34V @17RUNS blend
@4.8 DUDE OC max temps 61/68 - 58/65 @1.33 @233 Tests 2hours 44mins

After cleaning + Tims + Distilled Water and Yate Loons
@4.8 Dude OC max temps 56/61 - 53/57 @1.33 @27 Blended Runs @23C Ambient
@4.8 Dude OC max temps 57/62 - 54/59 @1.33 @634 Blended Runs @23C Ambient

@4.0GHZ @auto - @1.31-1.34V Temps= 62/71 - 60/68
@4.8GHZ @auto - @1.37-1.43V Temps= 73/83 - 69/79 128 GLOPS
@4.8GHZ @DUDES - @1.33 Temps= 67/75 - 64/72 @121 GFLOPS
@4.8GHZ @DUDES - @1.33 Temps= 68/77 - 65/74 @129.5 GFLOPS @4096gb ram
@4.8Ghz @DUDES - @1.33 Temps= 65/74 - 62/71 @121 GLOPS @Standard Ram 1024

After cleaning + Tims + Distilled Water and Yate Loons
@4.8GHZ @Dudes - @1.33V Temps= 59/67 - 55/63 @118.5 Glops @1024Ram @16GBx1600 @23C Ambient
@4.8GHZ @Dudes - @1.33V Temps= 59/68 - 56/63 @122.1 Glops @2048Ram @16GBx1600 @23C Ambient

BF3 TEmps
@4.8Ghz dudez @1.33 @58/62 - 56/61

@3.3 STOCK 1.18-1.21V 33/41_32/40 @22.2 C Ambient, 56C Video Aircooled

@4.8GHZ DUdes settings 1.33/1.34V TEmps = 27/53 - 29/49

After Cleaning @ IDLE
@4.8GHZ Dudes Settings @1.33 @23C Ambient, 28/43_30/43 (Lowest/Highest)

@3.3 Stock = 18.25GB/s @1600 (9-10-9-28-1T)
@3.3 Stock = 18.44GB/s @1600 (9-9-9-24-1T)
@3.3 Stock = 19.88GB/s @1866 (9-10-9-28-1T)
@3.3 Stock = 19.93GB/s @2133 (11-15-15-38-1T)
@3.3 Stock = 20.77GB/s @2133 (11-11-11-30-1T)
@4.0 AutoOC = 21.07GB/s @1866 (9-10-9-28-1T)
@4.8 DUDES = 23.12GB/s @1866 (9-10-9-28-2T)

@3.3 Stock = 18.39GB/s @1600 (11-11-11-28-2T)
@3.3 Stock = 20.00GB/s @1866 (9-10-9-28-2T)
@4.8 DudeOC = 21.34GB/s @1600 (9-10-9-28-2T)
@4.8 DudeOC = 23.22GB/s @1866 (9-10-9-28-2T)

Passmark 16GB
Ram @Stock 3.3 @1600 11-11-11-28-2T = 2934.0 PR
Ram @stock 3.3 @1866 09-10-09-28-2T = 4055.1 PR
Ram @4.8OC @1600 09-10-09-28-2T = 5289.4 PR
Ram @4.8OC @1866 09-10-09-28-2T = 5302.0 PR
Edited by nycste - 4/10/12 at 10:12am
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So from just a good cleaning, new fans, new paste, and distilled water, you got a 5 - 8 degree drop. That is pretty awsome!
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1. Need to update this log haha

2. Here is the best pic i can take with my current lighting setup using a cell phone tongue.gif


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

3. Current Issues I want to address
-increasing the lightning most likely will invest in NZXT LED stripes either blue white or UV really not sure which or all 3 to test
-major bubbles in the RES from the speed of the water slapping the top of the RES after it shoots up the smaller inner tube in res gotta fix this (maybe just lower pump from 5 to 4-3?)
-need new fan controller, anyone got one for sale? or recommend a very simple 3-6 knob cd bay size fan controller nothing fancy but my current vantec nexus limits me to full speed due to a super annoying hissing sound and my older aerocool is just so weak i suppose i could use that and just totally gimp my fans which are doing great atm (yateloons) but that controller always blinks because it lacks the thermal pads

o well always looking for tips and advice, i will try to include a normal cleaned up full lighted picture soon, my white tubing i left kinda long so I can easily mod it in future projects i think i will just make everything fit as tight as i can makes things look neater

ps- really want to change location or size of RES its way to annoying to angle that bottom fitting to the pump at the bottom of the case! i have some ideas
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Hey All I have been MIA a while figured I would say a response here for things I would like to do in the near future and looking for advice or any changes in the world of watercooling.

1. Remove my white tubing and replace with blue UV tubing to compliment my 2 UV lights which are unused because my White tubes DO NOT REFLECT anything/uv/or glow....

2. Fans will most likely stay the same for now (yate loons set to lowest setting on my happily used nzxt sentry mix (sadly they are still so loud compared to my buddies NON GTX rad GT fan setup).

3. The location of the res and size of it are really annoying at times perhaps i could angle or change the location without making huge changes?

4. I got myself a 3770k from microcenter because of the super sale and because i have been folding nonstop for the last 6+ months to replace my awesome 2500k which will finally go into a backup system to most likely fold 24-7 with a slight OC on my h-50 watercooler.

5. FAN questions.... I currently am happy with my temps I have kept the doors off the entire time because i was just to lazy to adjust and fix the wires lol and have been really busy lately because of a new job! I have a push pull setup on my rad with an exhaust setup (taking air from inside case and blowing it up out of the case) compared to sucking/pushing air down from above the case into the case then having the other fans exhaust that air.... is there a better setup i recall everyone saying 50/50.... but damn the amount of dust I have made is unreal.

-I would like to consider changing the fans into keeping a push/pull 6 fan setup on 360rad and do intake into case while having my other fans (rear/bottom/ perhaps adding a front do exhaust?) for the sake of allowing me to put a fan filter on top of my case to keep things cleaner?

anyways let me know any tips or advice thanks... I will be replacing the CPU this weekend without hopefully changing any tubing or removing water and then doing a new tube build once I get my (prob blue UV tubes) ordered and sent here.... then a full cleaning and adjustment....
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