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If u watch a review of the sabertooth you can see that the use the thermal radar as a fans controller..wink.gif
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I was just browsing the Asus forums and it looks like Fan Xpert 2 is not for the Sabertooth Z77 or TUF series motherboards. Thats why they took the download links down. I just installed it from the Pro version link. It works, but at silent and standard mode my fans turn off. In turbo mode my fans run half speed. I'm using the stock case fans that came with my 700D case.
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I watched the review but wasn't observant enough to see it (nor did I actually read the manual until after I had already installed the board and was messing around with settings and features). My first thought was "where is this fan xpert 2 utility they keep talking about?" so thats what I looked for. But all is good now and tonight I opened up the case and put the fan reduction cables on Noctua fans and manually adjusted the case fan settings (USER profile so I can automate the fan speeds based on the tempature of the components most affected by that particular chassis fan and keep them as quiet as possible when not needed but automatically ramp up when under load).. Loving the detailed customization, automation, and my case is much quieter now.
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On a side note even after slowing down the Noctua fans on teh NH-D14 the temps on the CPU didn't even budge a single degree, still sitting at 29/30 degrees celcius. Upped the top range speed to 4.3 GHz and ran 32mil superPI and temps only went up 2 degrees (probably because I never even touched the voltage). Excited to see what I can do with this sabertooth, 3750K, and noctua cooling if I actually put some effort into OC'ing it.
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Originally Posted by Subacca View Post

I was under the impression i was ripped off and had made a bad choice getting the Sabertooth z77 partly because I couldn't control the fan speeds. Couldn't locate a download for Fan Xpert 2. BUT, after digging around some more and looking through the manual I was able to find all the fan controls in ASUS Thermal Radar (and in BIOS as well). Open Thermal Radar, click on the FAN ICON tab or the CASE icon tab and click on one of the fans. From there choose settings. Fan speed automation is highly customizable or set it to one of the preset up profiles, or turn them off completly! (I set all mine to silent profile for now) accept for the accessory fans which I have turned off completely, you can really hear a difference with them turned off and with normal use, PCH, DRAM temps only went up 1-3 degrees celcius with them off (39-42celcius in my case). I haven't used Fan Xpert 2 but I can say I'm very impressed with the Thermal Radar. I really don't think ASUS has done a good enough job of actually advertising that its not just a bunch of censors but a fan control system as well. That being said...no matter what I set the CPU profile to for fans, my NH-D14 fans still run at full speed. Why ASUS provides the option to adjust the profiles for those fans but then bypasses the settings without saying anything, I don't know but it sucks
If anybody on here has been able to voltage-control the FAN's in teh CPU headers on the Sabertooth z77 let me know just in case mine is defective or something but so far all i've read is that its bypassed on all boards for those headers (so why give the option to set profiles for them!)

It took me a while to figure out the Thermal Radar. If I didn't see this I would have just ran Fan Xpert 2. Im really impressed with Thermal Radar and not so much with Fan Xpert 2. I have my chassis fans running on silent using the presets. I was ready to take out the assist fans, but found the setting to lower those as well.
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Originally Posted by baboyizm View Post

It took me a while to figure out the Thermal Radar. If I didn't see this I would have just ran Fan Xpert 2. Im really impressed with Thermal Radar and not so much with Fan Xpert 2. I have my chassis fans running on silent using the presets. I was ready to take out the assist fans, but found the setting to lower those as well.

You can completely disable them in Thermal Radar but what I would recommend is setting the profile to "User' and then adjusting the them yourself from there. In silent mode the lowest fan speed is is 60% but in User mode you can adjust them down to 40%. For example on my Assist Fan 2 (middle of board) I have it set to monitor the PCH sensor which normally runs at 40 degrees celcius. So it is off below 40*, runs at 40% at 40* 70% at 50*, and 100% at 60*. Did the same thing with the Assist fan 1 accept it monitors the VCORE sensors.
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I may have stumbled across a workaround for this while trying to fix this issue for one of my customers. I found just about the same issue you were having.

Our build is using the new P8Z77-V Deluxe board with an Ivy Bridge processor, running Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium. We experienced the same issue where the computer would start, and immediately revert to the default fan profile (possibly the one stored in BIOS?).

Fan Xpert IS in fact storing your preferences in a startup file, and is loading them when Windows starts according to your last used fan settings. Every time you change an option in the Fan Xpert, it updates the preference file. This preference file is in XML format and for us is stored in C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AsusFanControlService\1.01.02\FanStore.xml

From my testing, it appears that your fan profile loads when Windows starts the AsusFanControlService.exe file. Everything seems to be running fine. Until the USER logs in. If you look in task manager, the service "C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AI Suite II\AsRoutineController.exe -open" runs "On logon of any user", and seems to overwrite user preferences with either a default, or your motherboards settings, causing you to have to "reload" your fan profile.

In my testing, I found that as a workaround, disabling this task in "Task Scheduler" (Windows 7 x64), keeps the last used fan settings active. The only apparent downside so far is that the Asus AI icon does not go into the system tray on startup, however, you can still seemingly launch and use the AI suite from the start menu, and use all of its features as normal without losing your fan settings.

Let me know please if this information was helpful to you!

If anyone else comes across this information, and finds it useful, please feel free to repost it anywhere you wish. It would be nice to have some replies here, so I know that I helped someone out!
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Sorry for dredging this back up, but I recently built a Z77 Sabertooth system and just unistalled Thermal Radar. Why? Because at random times it was turning off various fans, usually for less than a second, sometimes a bit longer. That was unsettling becuase I worried that it might just turn off one or more and not flag a problem. I know it's a firmware issue because once I uninstialled TR the fans worked fine using the BIOS fan management. It's a shame really; TR is a really sweet program - if only it worked right. I hope they fix it as I rather not buy something else if this can be made to work.
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my fan xpert 2 crashs when i try to start it frown.gif
reinstalling it now.....
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Had two Fan Xpert2 related issues pop up in consecutive days, it seem to be some sort of registry related issue and is quite annoying to deal with, which is really a shame since I picked the P8Z77-V over boards like ud5h and Mpower in the same price range specifically because of Xpert2 and it have been quite troublesome.
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