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Notebook mouse

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I need a new one.

Must have's:

- Typical notebook mouse size

- No side buttons

- rigged scrollwheel

- No recharging, simple battery that can last for a year (mine did)

- small USB receiver (example)

- LOD and stuff is not important, it must track ANYWHERE.

- Not expensive

I had the "Cherry Life Nano" before. A good mouse, but the non rigged wheel drives me nuts (one reason I don't like G400).

the "Gigabyte ECO500" looks interesting. It has sidebuttons though. I guess software is there and you could disable the sidebuttons?

"Logitech M325 " looks nice, but it's optical. Is laser better for tracking on various surfaces?
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I bought the "Microsoft - Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 Special Edition - Wool Blue".

It uses some blue led tracking system and is supposed to work on nearly every surface.
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