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HD7970 with Accelero Xtreme 7970 fan vs. GTX680 non-refererence

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I'm considering selling my HD7970 with an accelero Xtreme HD7970 fan and buying a GTX680. My main reason is (most likely) going for a sli sollution later down the line and the Accelero fan is just to huge for this to happen. I've been trying to find reviews that compare the accelero fan (last generation since the GTX680 sollution is not out yet) with twin frozr III or directcu II, but I can't seem to find any.

Have anyone here had any experience with an accelero fan vs non-reference fans? Temps? Noise?
My HD7970 is idle at 40 degrees celcius and at load goes up to 51 degrees (overclocked). Is this way better than anything I can expect from a non-reference GTX680 sollution?
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Anyone who's got the GTX580 directcu II or twinfrozr?
I'm interested in noise and temp. I guess I'll have to settle for higher temps and more noise compared to the Accelero Xtreme, but I'm trying to find out how much settling I have to do. rolleyes.gif
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Well, first you will have to embrace that both the 7970 and GTX 680 are based on the 28nm architecture, meaning that temps are not an issue anymore.

The temperature you are getting with the card are phenomenal:)

In terms of SLI, I can advise you to just use two slots which are farther away from each other so you won´t have any problems with fitting the two Accelero 7970s:)

Here is an example how it will look and that there should be no clearance issues inbound:

So you won´t have to sell your 7970s, because SLI should be able to be conducted down the road without any problems, and obviously our temps are amazing:thumb:

Lastly I would like to say something in terms of performance.
The only reason why the 7970 is a little inferior to the GTX 680 is because of the 680´s standard clock speed and the boost.
The GTX 680 already has a standard clock of 1.006GHZ and a Boost which again overclocks it, sometimes even to +1.1GHZ.

So you can imagine that a 7970 which does not operate at such a high clock speeds is obviously a little behind.
But as soon as the clocks are adjusted equally to the 680, the performance difference is nullified:)

Additionally the 7970 comes at a lower price, so you also have a better price/value ratio.

You have a great card, and I wish you good luck with the new setup!
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Well, I got a ok price for my HD7970 so I'm going over to the green side. smile.gif Not expecting to see that much of a perfomance jump (since my HD7970 oc'ed to 1200/1800), but hopefully driver maturity on Nvidias side will be good. In addition I can use the Nvidia features in Adobe Premiere. That's coolio.

Now I'll be using my onboard graphics until some of the better non-reference GTX680s come out. Hopefully we'll se a lightning version in not so long.
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Well anyways, hope I could help:)
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Originally Posted by Power Lemon View Post

Well anyways, hope I could help:)

Absolutely! smile.gif
Problem is that my FT-02 is not very happy with the length of HD7970 + Accelero fan. Had to mod the bottom fan to get it to fit so adding another one would be a problem.
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