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Wanted: working 360

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm looking for a working 360 to even out my lopsided game console collection. I have or can play games legitly from just about every major system in the past 20 years except stuff in the Xbox line. Nothing against it, just haven't spent time or money trying to get one.

Now, well, I'm getting a little annoyed that everyone online expects me to have one, and I want to play games with friends who don't own anything but, SO here we are.

I'm looking for a working 360, preferably one with wi-fi built in, but I can live without it if necessary (I have cables). I do request it have a decent sized hard drive or whatever is used these days. I don't want some silly 4GB internal memory. My PS3 has 500GBs which is great for downloading games and putting movies and stuff on it. At the very least I want to download games...

I want to trade my iPod Touch for it if possible. It's an 8GB 4th gen in near perfect condition (screen has 0 scratches but the back has the usual wear on it). The cable is beat up, but still works. I would also provide a USB wall adapter for bed side charging.
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