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7750 "Display Driver Crash"

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So recently I built a computer from scratch for my cousin. Windows install went fine. Updated and all. THE COMPUTER HAS SERVICE PACK 1.

Anyways, we have used the driver on the CD from Sapphire, the latest driver from the Sapphire, and the latest driver from the AMD website. When Catalyst is opened, it says the version is 12.3. Anyways, whenever my cousin goes to play World of Warcraft, which this card can handle no problem, about 5+ times a day, the computer freezes and must be restarted, or a popup comes from the bottom right of the screen saying "Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered"

So the system specs are:
Cooler Master HAF 912
Intel Core i5 2400 (stock cooler)
ASRock Z68 board (drivers are up to date)
Sapphire Radeon HD 7750 (using DVI to VGA adapter)
8GB of GSkill Sniper series RAM

Does anybody have any ideas what this could be? We talked to a person from sapphire and they might go through an RMA process, but would it actually be a faulty card? Is it the VGA adapter? I don't see why it would be the VGA adapter, because it came with the card so it should work with the card.

Please help, anything is appreciated.
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Hi Diabetic 165. Have you tried any other driver versions to see if the issue continues? What did the Sapphire tech say, RMA straight away, no tests for you to try?

Harry @ Videocardshop.co.uk.
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The Sapphire Tech asked if we had the most current drivers, which we do. Then he said if it still isn't working with the most up to date drivers, he wanted proof of purchase...yada yada yada...and RMA.

And I heard there is a bug with catalyst 12.2, although 12.2 is installed, it says that 12.3 is really installed. But catalyst says that 12.3 is installed, so im not sure if its really 12.2 or 12.3
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Hi Diabolic 165, I encountered the same problem. Same notification too, saying "Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered".

I just bought mine yesterday. Were you able to fix the problem? Please let me know, just incase there's a solution so I don't need to call Sapphire.

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