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Thank you soo much, Things where handled promptly.
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Replacement was received today, I wasn't happy at first but after using it for a few hours my only complaint is the mouse wheel dose not flick right as easily as it does left. One of my guildmates informed me his newer G500 also has rough rubber grips making me think i just got a newer version... maybe the quality of the housing just isn't quite as high as it used to be.
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It's unfortunate that the replacement is not working out for you. That was not what I'd hoped would happen when I forwarded your case to our Support team.

Based on this post I did a quick check with the Support team and verified that the part number of the unit you were sent was a new retail-level product, not a refurbished unit. One thing that may be causing it to appear to be refurbished is the design of the product. The paint on the G500 was designed to look worn or distressed. I've attached here two pictures of a brand new G500 I just took out of the box. As you can see, they look very similar (though not identical, as each G500 is unique) to yours.

The dry grip paint on the grip areas feels rougher when it's new. It becomes less rough over time and with usage.

The scroll wheel not activating when moved to the right is an issue that clearly shouldn't be occurring. The Support team can work with you again to correct that.

Hopefully we can make this right for you, as has been my intention from the beginning.
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a guild member helped me confirm that CPate TY again former post changed. Theirs has the rough grip and darker look as well.
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