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Hey guys.I have a 1TB Buffallo NAS drive that had problems booting up after we had some electrical work done to our house and silly me i forgot to disconnect it.After flipping the circuit breakers on and off so many times the drive refused to boot.So i took it out of it's case,put it on a USB caddy and used R-Studio recovery software to get all the files out with plans of transfering it to another drive.Most of these files are movies btw.Anyway,as i was having the recovery software scan the drive,a guest at our house needed to use the USB port and unplugged the USB caddy.Now it says that the free space is 998GB.Before i used the recovery software,i saw that the free space was like 2GB or something like that as i remember this drive was almost full back then.I just literally used the latest version of Knoppix live CD to see what was on the drive and it says the same thing,free space of 998GB.I also used ext2explore but nothing comes up except where it has a picture of a HDD and the words /dev/sdc1.Sorry guys but i'm not really good at Linux OS so any help would be appreciated.Thanks.