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I just bought my first pair of non-entry grade headphones (though I'm sure that the Sennheiser HD 203s that I bought might be considered entry level by some) . I love the sound that I get from them and, being a tinkerer by heart, I want to know if there are any mods out there that I can do?

Can I re-wire them, mostly to adjust the 2-mile long cord? I haven't soldered anything in quite a while, but I'd like to learn. If I do recable them, is there any problems in using paracord to sleeve the wires? (It's what I have around right now)

I'm upgrading from a Creative Futility lachen.gif headset. The sound in the 203s is a lot better, but the ear pads are more comfortable in the headset. Are there any decent replacement pads available, or does anyone know of a way to improve the feel of the existing pads? I read on head-fi that you can fit the pads from a now discontinued pair of Maxell cans, but that does me little good.

If anyone has any tips, I'd love to hear them. I'm making my first steps into better quality audio, and loving what I'm finding so far.