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This is a rather specific question. Bear with me.

Current system specs (built this about 5 years ago)

Processor -- AMD Phenom 9600 4x2.3ghz

RAM -- 4gb

GPU -- EVGA GeForce 8800GT

650W PSU

I've got an HT Omega Striker sound card and wireless card in there as well. Thinking about adding a video capture card too.

I currently run a dual monitor setup off the 8800GT. 1920x1080 and 1440x900 or 3360x1080. I want to add a third monitor. Hopefully another 1440x900. That's a total of 4800x1080.

I want to use the larger monitor for video viewing and gaming, a side monitor for videos, and the other side monitor for word processing, web browsing, and other low processing power stuff. So at max usage I'd be playing something like SWTOR/SCII on the large monitor, watching a live stream video on the side, and browsing the web on the other side.

This is where my knowledge hits a dead end. I figure I need a new video card to do all this. I have a few options the way I see it.
-Buy another 8800 and put it in SLI
-Buy a newer 5 series or equivalent and run the two cards independently
-Buy two new identical cards and run in SLI

I would assume the third solution is best, but costly. What do you all recommend? What kind of GPU power do I need to run all of this? Also, will my PSU run another video card?

As a side question, is it time to upgrade my processor and motherboard to keep up?

And finally, sometimes I notice that it's hard for my computer to stream two different videos simultaneously. Is that a bandwidth or GPU issue?

Thanks for the help.