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Thanks Doc.

I suspect because there is so much talk in forums about building PCs and overclocking that many people falsely conclude that you just buy a bunch of components, drop them in a PC case, shake three times and voila - like magic you have a properly running PC with all the latest and greatest tech that will OC like those cooled with liquid hydrogen... wink.gif With overclocking you can't just set all the knobs at what works for someone else and expect your hardware to magically OC the same, either.

In the real world building new PCs without issues does NOT happen unless people do their homework - as you and many other folks do. I started this thread to help and encourage new PC builders or those who have not kept up to date with the constant tech changes. It's only a primer intended to get people on the right path and teach them how to help themselves to all of the tech info. available here, in the OM, etc.
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Bump for those building new PCs !
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I'm wondering if anyone will answer my requast in this quite quite old thread but - I'll try.

Today I started with looking for part to build up a computer for the first time. Until now I used to buy ready-to-use complete systems, and ALL of them had some very good parts - but also much of bull****, which makes the hole computer being useless after two or three years.
Now I want to have a PC with hardware, which will be able to do standard things like playing hd movies and so on in 4 years or more.

So, I thought I could use a AMD FX 8350 on a GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 (rev. 1.2). Now I'm lookig for a good RAM, 2*4GB should work for me. My problem is: I have no clue, which type of RAM i should or even COULD use...

Ihope someone can held me :-) Maybe there is also somebody who could help me with all the other parts I need - but: I don't want you to make the hole work, I just need help to understand so many things ;-)

Sorry for my bad english ;-)

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