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Crossfire 7970s + 3 Monitor Eyefinity + 3D Stereoscopic HD3D! ...kinda...

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I have been building a new system since December of last year with the singular goal of operating 3 3D displays after reading rumors about AMD's plans for the 7000 series. The end result is the setup you see in my profile here.

Configuration notes:
I'm using a crossfire configuration between a Sapphire 7970 reference card and an MSI R7970 Lightning. This was purchased because I found that I needed 3 DP ports on a card to get 3 DP-connected monitors working.
Running AMD Catalyst 12.4 OpenCL 1.2 (8.960.0 March 15) Driver
Monitors are 3 x Samsung S27A750D. These things were on the market for something like 6 months then promptly discontinued. One limiting factor has been the lack of DVI ports. These use DP or HDMI, but 3D only works at 1080 on the DP ports.
3D software is TriDef 3.5.6 beta with Eyefinity enable patch. TriDef was chosen simply because it came with my displays.

Very few games that I've tried work. There's a wide community of support for Eyefinity users here along with patching tools to enable Eyefinity in many games. Still, a lot of games have serious problems in Eyefinity or simply won't work with it. Not all games work with HD3D either, further narrowing the field. Most of the games I tried that worked in both Eyefinity and HD3D didn't work when I tried running them both. Some would crash to desktop on launch, some ran horribly slow.

But then I ran Mass Effect 1. And low and behold - everything works as promised. This is an experience that really doesn't translate well to screenshots, but once everything was configured correctly it looked gorgeous. I'm a newcomer to the PC gaming world and I've never played any of the Mass Effect series, so I'm really looking forward to this experience.

Batman: Arkham City runs well, but the 3D effect is jarring near the bezels. I might need to monkey around more with the settings to get this game working right.

Deus Ex crashes on launch. Need to dig into this.

Skyrim's latest 1.5 update broke the patchers for 3D and for Eyefinity, so until those are updated I can't test this.

Dirt 3 won't allow me to enable 3D

Sonic Generations launched, but the image was stretched horizontally and performance was very poor. Something is wrong with this one.

I've tried a couple more that have all failed, but they already didn't work in Eyefinity of HD3D so I didn't expect much. All in all - the experience is extremely nice, but barely worth the cost and effort. Still, I'm looking forward to better games and better support for existing games soon.

Now to pop my Mass Effect cherry biggrin.gif
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hello, what are your thoughts after few months? do you still experience problems as at the beginning?
Still not sure what to choose...
1x 30" HP ZR30w or 3x 27" Samsung S27A750D
3x GTX 670/680 4GB or 3x HD 7970 GHz

I've already ordered the Asus Maximus V Extreme ^^
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