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1100t overclock question ..

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Hi . I have a 1100t on a crosshair iv extreme. I overclocked the 1100t by increasing the multiplier to 20. Does anyone know how much I can keep pushing this cpu? I really would like to get it to 4.5ghz but I don't what voltages I need to increase.
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keep bumping the multiplyer alittle till window wont boot back it down 1 to 2 and prime it
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4.5 Ghz is pretty much impossible without a really good cooler or watercooling setup. Most 1100T's struggle to get to 4.2 Ghz.
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with my H100 I can get 4.39 windows boots up and 30 sec later CRASH
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@ trucker guy I'll try your method seems like a good trial and error approach. I have a h70 and my temps are looking sweet right (idle:90f Load: 130f). I don't mind pushing it to GHz cause I know processors are built to sustain high temps. One thing I am concerned about is voltages.
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this is my best OC and it will do prime for 2 hours with out temps rising anymore
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I just tried increasing the multiplier. Failed at 4.2 so I am going to try and copy those settings you have on your board. Did you change any voltages?

Alright. Heres an update. Tried changing the bus and multiplier to your settings but the computer didnt boot. I am going to stick to a 20.0 multiplier setting with 4ghz.
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yes ,,understand risk your taking what kind of cooling do you have
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performance diffrence between 4.3 to 4.1 is nothing
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