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Ima have to agree with Cape Cod, he can get temps like that by having a rad sucking air from an AC. Even if my room is 45-50F (7-12c) in the winter with the windows open I cannot get it to barge 4.3Ghz at anything less than 43c. The 980 is the Phenom's II warmest chip to this date so it's hard to believe but hey he can always make a video and show us if it is true thumb.gif
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It doesn't really. Because there it something he's not telling you in that pic. I have a very hard time believing that his max temps running prime is 37c even on water in the middle of July!
You can look at pics like that all day but most of them have a secret behind them like a cooler full of ice or some kinda AC unit.

After my post I noticed this too. I'm not calling the person a liar but those temps are unreal.