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It can its just not performing like I thought it would. I get better benchmarks for sure but in BF3 its like non existant. I can see the same gameplay with one card as i do with both of these. Also if I do not overclock my chip it bottlenecks. So I have to run my chip at 4.0 in order for me not to have any bottlenecks. =/
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Definitely make the move. Don't go crazy high on the motherboard P67 or pref Z68 though stay under like $125 on board, and sometimes 2550K is $179.

If you work it right and have just 1 odd job $ to pitch in you don't lose a vid card.

Raid 0 stripe your hard drives when you make the move

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switch to intel bro, and never look back, just look at my build log on my sig.
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