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G400 Button Setting Problem

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I've had my G400 for about 3 months now and something has been bothering me very much so I decided to ask here and see if I can fix the problem. The G400 software allows you to customize the extra 2 buttons on the side and the 2 on the top but for some reason only the top 2 works in games. Before I got the G400 I had the Mx518 and that mice would let me use the side buttons. In the button change section, the software recognizes the 2 top buttons as button 4 and button 5 instead of the 2 side buttons, which is how the Mx518 had it set. Please help me with this because I use the side buttons in 90% of my games and it is difficult to not use them. Thank you.

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Well I'd say you have to change the sidebuttons to their standard function which is "forward" and "back" and then they will work.
I got default setup on my g400 and they work like that, forward is 5 back is 4 no problem there.
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