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P6X58 BSOD at 12G

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Hi all! NewB here... kookoo.gif

Warning...long... sleepysmileyanim.gif

I've got a system that has been rock solid stable at 6Gb for like 2 years. I run CAD, both ProEngineer and SolidWorks. I was starting to bump into my RAM ceiling in SW, so I got 6 more gigs. I get BSODs now and cannot seem to resolve the problem. Error is either Page_fault_in_nonPaged_area or simple memory_management. :fight:

NEVER had any of the 'popular' memory recognition issues. Always sees 12, when I put it in.

Asus P6x58D-E; latest BIOS, 0701

7-920, not clocked, 2.67GHz

NVidia Quadro FX-1800 graphics

HTC heat pipe cooler, 120mm fan, XT-1264

OCZ3G1600LV6GK (stable> 3x2g=6; BSOD> 6x2g=12)

LianLi case, 3 x 140mm, 1x120mm fans

Corsair TX650W

2 WD & 1 Hitachi HD; 1x DVDr; 1 Roswill card reader

System perfectly stable with 6G RAM. Put in the second set of 3, recently purchased, NOS & I've run a full day b4 BSOD, but usually around 1 hour.

ASUS memOK! function does not seem to make any diff

I've cleaned the pins and reseated. I've set the system to the following in BIOS and still had BSOD...
* QPI Voltage to 1.35V
* RAM Bus Voltage to 1.65V
* 8-8-8-24 (CAS, tRCD, tRP, tRAS)
* set speed to 1333MHz and later to 1066MHZ
* timing to 2n

Always end up with BSOD. I'm not clocked at all, though I think my cooling would support some (always planned on it.) I've not tried timings to 9-9-9-24, saw that in a BIOS template somewhere for x58.

I've not tested all chips individually using MemTest yet, but I am running the new modules alone (3x2) right now. I'll do the MemTest - but, I've go to get some work done!

If you got this far....Thanks! thumbsupsmiley.png

Does anyone have any specific suggestions to get this stupid thing stable with all 12G of RAM? What other BIOS settings should I try?

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set qpi voltage back to auto and bump cpu vtt voltage to 1.25-1.3
qpi is the signal between cpu and northbridge, VTT is the voltage for the cpu's cache and memory controller.
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Hey Redhat_ownage!

Thanks for the reply. I think that we are actually talking the same thing as labeled in the Asus version of the BIOS. From a site called Master's Lair in an article called Voltages Explained:


VTT goes by many names depending on what brand of motherboard you have, but it is the voltage for the Integrated Memory Controller (IMC) inside of the CPU."

So, I think that I already have the voltage you are referring to set to 1.35V.

The other thing I just learned is that there is or was a rule that says the VTT should be within 0.5V of the RAM bus voltage. But, that means then I'm safe because my RAM is only 0.3V higher than my VTT (QPI) voltage.

The DRAM voltage of 1.65V is listed in the ASUS manual and is the value suggested by the tech at OCZ. Unfortunately, still not stable with all banks populated.

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