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Trying to Join

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I have been folding for awhile by myself.... But now I want to fold with the Overclock team, do I just have to reconfigure my Linux client and GPU client to point to "37726" as the team. While leaving the username, and passkey to what I received awhile ago?

Also, does my previous work count towards this team, or is it only anything after joining the team?

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No. You will have two entries when you check your stats. One with the team name assigned and one without.
Were you on a previous team with this username and passkey?

Just re-read you were not. Sorry. redface.gif
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Thanks again, trying to get everything all reconfigured now! thumb.gif
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Good luck thumb.gif
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Glad to hear that you are joining us. We are teh awesome sauce after all
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Haha! Yes! Well, I have the 2 GPU's and CPU, and the Server CPU up and running now.... So I'm set! I look at it as maybe one day this, will help me smile.gif
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