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Hey guys I have a cousin who recently bought a low end pc to play counter strike and whatever other half life 1 mods he wants and whenever he sets the games to use opengl (some like the sven coop mod require it) he gets a white square on the top right of his screen. His computer has an on board Intel 82945g chip with the latest drivers and hes already format to make sure it wasn't a driver issue. Hes on win xp home 32 bit and I'm not sure what this could be. Checked Intel's site and that specific chip does support OpenGl so I don't understand why its doing this. Everything I've asked him to try has resulted in the same thing. Heres a screen shot of his issue:


So Far I've had him:
-Run the games windowed
-Update his drivers
-Uninstall and reinstall the drivers
-Reformat and install the drivers
-Run a stress test (ati tool/ furmark no artifacts)
-Use D3D/ Software Instead of OpenGL (no white block for either but he cant use it)
-Run the game in 16 bit and 32 bit (white square is still there)

He can't run in D3D or Software because he plays counterstrike on ESA servers that require you to run the game in OpenGL and in 32 bit so I don't know what to tell him other than get a pci-e card and see if it does the same thing. He plays a free to play mmo that uses DirectX 9 and it gives him no problems. He has a few more days to return it or get another so I don't know else we can try. Any help would be appreciated.