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RAM errors or Driver realated issues is the right area to start in,try uninstalling all drivers and reinstalling them,clean all registrys with cclean and if not fixed try switching ram around.

If that doesn't work, idk whats wrong.
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It still could be the ram. I had a similar problem. Trying setting bios to test ram on boot and pull the the battery from the mother board out and the powers supply out too. Let it sit for 30 seconds and plug the power supply back in and put the battery back in.
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run memtest (86 or 64 bit pending you OS) then it will tell you the exact module that is bad or issueing the problem, I've also seen this if one of the dram pins on the CPU was damaged slightly but can still connect or has dust rite on the pin. idk if you know this but install the chipset driver first too
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