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Protective Monitor covers/cleaning of the display

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I got my Catleap a week ago.
Since I live in an environment where there are many risk factors for my monitor getting smudged, scratched etc, I'd like to buy a Monitor Protective Cover.

It's ofc the 27 Inch Catleap, so could anyone recomend me something ?

Also, tommorrow I will go to a shop to purchase a display cleaning liquid. I don't know what kind I should chose, and I don't feel safe leaving this decision to the customer service staff in the pc shop, they come and go almost daily without any significant training/knowledge in their field (mostly)
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I'm sorry, but a "Bump" is in order.

These Catleaps smudge like crazy. C'mon guys, the sun will rise in about 6h. I got to get me a display cleaning spray/liquid/ you name it.

I don't want to buy something out of the cold.

And I did read on another forum that a person has gotten him a LCD monitor protective glass/cover. Sort of like a tampered glass, but easily removable on and off. He didn't mention where he got it though.

6h more. Hope I will catch some answers tonight.
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Thanks for the fast response there forum budies.

Got myself acetone today for the monitor smudge removal. It did great at first 2 minutes, after that the glass became pale and not much of a see trough.

All I asked was some Efin advice on what to buy. This country side doesn't have pc shops even, so I took what I could find from the nearest home depot, plus the guy at the desk told me it's good for cleaning glass.

But now my Catleap is ruined.
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You used acetone on a monitor...? Acetone is a powerful solvent. It will eat away at your monitor's screen and bezel, if it's plastic.

The only displays that have glass on them are the tempered glass ones. The rest are some sort of plastic. The guy at the home depot was right, it's good for cleaning glass... which has been heavily stained by dirt and grease.

I don't want to be an ass, since your situation really sucks. I would hate to have ruined my monitor through trying to clean it. It's true that no one posted here, but your best bet with these kinds of questions is to google it. "How to clean an LCD monitor"
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