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I'm selling my Crosshair IV Extreme (200$) , AMD phenom X6 1100t (200$) and RAM for (99$) . I'am getting mostly what I paid for with -100 off the motherboard.

Now the question is. I need to purchase a 3770k IVY with ram and a mobo. Can anyone recommend to me a combo that i can get that will be around 500$? I'm really strapped for cash here. I can push it up to 550$ if need be.

I was thinking maybe in October I can get the 2600k for a cheap price on Ebay too tongue.gif ...Ivy is only +/- 20% performance increase with a tdp of 77 and improved graphics. I just want a processor that ends the bottlenecking issue I have with my 2x sapphire 5970s.
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