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Need help with new build.

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Okay well not actually HELP, just a nudge in my awful decision making.

I'm looking for a nice case $99-$150 range for a build that will be well, work and gaming(work consisting of nothing more than storing files and emailing, IT stoof).

Full Towers are out of the question, I'm coming from a Obsidian 800D and while I LOVED it, the space it took up in this apartment was ....just too much. I'm looking for something smaller, really don't want anything going over 20", under would be great.

Cooling is a priority of course(on air), noise, I'm not TOO picky, I don't mind hearing a slight spin if I'm right next to it, but I don't want company to hear the thing across the room.

The other thing, ......CABLE ....MANAGEMENT features. Pass thru grommets are almost ..almost a must for me now. Corsairs assembly design have spoiled me. Just kinda let me down on stock cooling, which is another thing, the greater it is at cooling STOCK, the better.

My first choice not diving into reviews was of course the Obsidian 550D, but ....those overclocked CPU temps on Anandtech's reviews were scarey as hell on stock fans. The other I was looking at was the Define, but I've been reading here on cramped space behind the mobo tray.

Non-noise reduction models, I checked out the reviews of the Raider from Bitfenix and the Arc Midi over at Hardwarecanucks, the Arc Midi seems like a great case, but I wonder about the noise, the Raider seemed to be a bit "flimsy" in areas. I also wonder about the Arc Mini and Define Mini? How is the spacing behind the mobo trays on those models?

Last but definitely not least, especially with the die hard fanbase here at OCN, the Lian Li PC-9F, I honestly love the look about this case, but like the top of my post(yes a bit picky in this area now) no pass thru grommets, and I can't seem to find any of that size at frozencpu or performance-pcs to place in. Also how is the spacing behind the mobo tray?

So after all of that, can any case owners, maybe of more than one? Give me some hands on info of why they like these cases? Hell throw in another model in that price range and I'd love to take a look, but the case is a VERY important piece for me.

So far

Obsidian 550D
Fractal Design Define R3
Fractal Design Arc Midi/Mini
Bitfenix Raider
Lian Li PC-9F
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