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9800GX2 Dual Video Outputs

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My goal is to set up a PC to watch imovies on a Sony HD Flat panel television and browse the net on a computer monitor at the same time.
Would greatly appreciate instructions if this is possible. A link to clear and comprehensive procedures will suffice.

Info: Garphics Card : 9800GX2
PC Monitor : HP w2448hc
Television : Sony 40" 1080 HD
OS : Win 7 U 64

Thank you,
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9800GX2 Hardware setup
See my diagram below.
1) Connect the DVI output (via DVI-to-DVI cable) to the DVI input of the monitor.
2) Connect the HDMI output (via HDMI-to-HDMI cable) to the HDMI input of the TV (see Sony TV setup below)


Nvidia Control Panel setup for Multiple Display
1) Make sure both the monitor and the TV are recognized properly.
2) Make sure both are checked.

Windows Sound setup
Go to Windows Sound to set Nvidia's HDMI/Digital Output as the Default
(You can configure this part as well as Nvidia's setting under Nvidia Control Panel's Set Up Digial Audio.


Sony TV setup
1) Make sure the Input Source of the Sony HDTV is selected as the corresponding HDMI. HDTV does not auto detect incoming signal. If the input source is not properly designated, the TV will give 'no signal source' message.

2) I do not know the model number of your Sony HDTV and so I cannot give specific direction. But a HDTV usually has one of the HDMI inputs marked specially for PC/HDMI/DVI usage. Use that before trying out the other HDMI input ports. Often it is HDMI1 or HDMI IN 1(DVI). Check your User Manual to be certain which is the one.
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Thank you windfire.
With the instructions and illustrations you were kind enough to provide, I don't see how even I can screw this one up.
Wish to repay the favor but cannot foresee you ever needing my technical assistance so I will just add another +REP
to the 1243 you have already amassed. With great appreciation and respect, ALBATROSS
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