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Tmpin2 is the cpu

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Just added a second fan to my be quiet dark rock advanced and Tmpin2 temp has reduced by 15 degrees so im thinking this is definatley the cpu temp ive had this upto 70 degrees when testing overclocks on my FX-8120 thinking it was my vrm oops.

One other weird thing is if i put the pc to sleep and then bring it out again the cpu temp shows as 9 degrees in touch bios there is something not right with this GA-990XA-UD3 and its sensors i think !!

Hopefully gigabyte will sort this as i want to push my FX-8120 upto 4.6ghz but cant be confident in temp readings.

Wish i had gone ASUS might rma this board.
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I try to think of tmpin2 as a sensor thats exclusive to Gigabyte boards and it generally just runs hot. (I know other brands have tmpin2 sensors) Sure the bios reports tmpin2 but 99.9% of the time my liquid temps on my Kuhler 920 match tmpin1. Sensors can be affected by temps of the vrms/chokes and due to the nature of the hot vrms on the GA990(f)xa UD* its more than likely a thermal diode near a HOT part of the chipset.
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forgot to mention that tmpin2 should be able to widthstand a temp of 85c but DO NOT QUOTE ME ON THAT. I'm not that worried and i've never seen tmpin2 pass 68c under high load and somewhat high ambients.
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