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sorry for late reply. i have 4gigs i had a question regarding my ram though. it has an o.c speed of 2000 mhz i wanted to overclock it to that speed but im been told 2 dif things and i dont no whats right and whats wrong one person is saying its safe and the other tells me i was lucky that i did not shorten out my processor or break somthing when i set it at that speed. he told me the IMC on the 1090t is weak and has a max of 1666 mhz .in order to up the ram to 2000mhz the volt has to be set to 1.65. it uses somthing calld an xmp profile and i as told the ram may not be sutibal for my system. so i should change the olt to .5 but the thing i dont get is when I set the cmos switch for my bord to resort to defult settings..my ram is setting itself at 1.64 anywaz. im well confused about what i should do..right now i have it running at 1333mhz on 1.5 volts i allso changed the timing from the defult 9-9-9-24 to 7-7-7-22 i dont reely no if this is a good thing or a bad thing.im still learning. allso i have my cpu/np frequency set to 2800 and ht link at 2600..i only did this beacuse i thought haing a higher cpu/nb frequwncy gives better speed and performanwe in games.correct me if im wrong though. thanks
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I wouldn't mess with anything over 1333, because there are no real gains after 1333. And thats just more heat and juiice your pulling for no reason.

Try running some tests, and you will see, nothing really change past 1333.
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ok and what about the memory timing and the cpu/nb and ht link..is that ok what i have done?
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Originally Posted by morta View Post

edge detect AA x8 = 24x sample.i thought the 5870 could handle this. but mine doseent seem to.another thing is beffor this card i had a gtx280 and that had 16x AA !

My Bad, didnt notice yours had 2 Gb RAM. I thought the were all like my sapphire 5780 and only had 1Gb RAM. 5870's were great cards but theres no way they would ever have the horse power to run with quality settngs like that. As has been suggested the newer 7970's have a ton more porcessing power and 3GB RAM and they pretty much all overclock amazingly well on stock volts.
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I really enjoy my 7970! thumb.gifthumb.gif
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settled i'm going to get the ASUS 7970 direct cu ll top card....as soon as i have enough cash smile.gif can anyone advise me on the memory timing and cpu/nb ht link settings i mentioned earlier?
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