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Budget headphones for music/gaming

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Budget - Max £35 including shipping.

Music taste - I listen to many kinds of music: Rock, Metal, Rap, Electronic, Reggae, Jazz all including various sub-genres, though I mostly listen to Rock/Metal.

Desirable features - I tend to like more bass for music, though that's not the ideal for Rock/Metal. I would like if it had the volume control on the headphones themselves rather than on the cable. No microphone needed. I also am OK with "just" 2 channels, I've read that "surround" headphones are just a gimmick and I don't play any FPS games nor multiplayer in general.

Products already owned - My current headset is the Logitech G330, they feel comfortable at first but not for long sessions. They also have some audio problem now so I want to change them. I don't have any soundcard, and my motherboard (MSI P67A-C45) has the Realtek ALC892 audio chipset.

How I'm using the item - I'll be using it at home on my PC.

Where to buy from - I would definitely prefer buying from Amazon UK.

Reading various threads I'm almost convinced on buying the Sennheiser HD201 but I have a couple of questions:

1) How will it be wearing them in the summer? I never owned a similar kind of headphones and I'm worried I'll sweat a lot. tongue.gif

2) How much sound to they isolate? How comfortable are they for long sessions?

3) It's my understanding they don't have volume control, isn't this bad?

4) I saw there are newer models (HD202, HD203), should I go for one of those?

5) I'm using Windows 7's default audio driver, should I use Realtek's one?

By reading various threads here other headphones I may consider are the Koss KSC75 or the Sony MDRXD100 but the Sennheiser HD201 seems like my choice right now.
I clearly am not an audiophile so any help is appreciated. smile.gif
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Heres a few headphones for your budget. They're all commonly recommended for gaming+music purposes, with the exception of the HTF600 which seems to be noted more for music.


Superlux HD668B

Samson SR850

Panasonic HTF600

I can only speak for the RX700s from experience. To answer your questions:

1. They do get hot after some time, especially in summer. I have pretty enormous ears and they do get noticeably uncomfortable after wearing them for more than an hour.

2. They isolate quite well, to the extent that at moderate volume I can't hear anyone outside my room and they won't be able to hear me either. If you're sharing a quiet room imo others will be able to quite easily hear your music.

3. Having an external volume control is convenient but most fullsize headphones don't have it, so you won't be losing out.

4. The HD201s were my first full size headphones, they impressed me at the time (I paid £9) but I wouldn't pay any more than that now. From the little I know the HD202 are well known for much stronger bass than the HD201s. Neither would be a good choice with £30 budget as the headphones I've listed should beat them out in pretty much all areas of sound quality.

5. Not sure about this, regardless I'd pickup a Xonar DG/DS for ~£30 to get you on your way to good quality sound!

Two links to get you started:
OCN most recommend product list:

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I can only speak for point #4 of your list:

The HD203s, while having decent sound, are definitely not comfortable to wear for more than an hour at a time.
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Thanks for the replies guys. smile.gif
I'm still not sure what to do, I think I'll have a look around for a few days, also because the HD201s seem to have a problem on Amazon UK (something about receiving a different item than what described on the page).
Other suggestions are welcome! biggrin.gif
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