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Ok I got the new fans in. I made some slight changes to the fans I got.

Rear Exhaust: Scythe Slip Stream 120mm 800rpm

Side Intake: Kazemaru 2 140mm 1700rpm (currently @ 800ish rpm

Replacement Heatsink fan for 212 EVO : Gentle Typhoon 120mm (1850rpm)

I didnt even need to buy clips for the Gentle Typhoon to attach to the heatsink. I looked and realized that I could unscrew the weird plastic clip thing holding the stock EVO fan and re screw it into the Gentle Typhoon.

The splistream at the rear is dead silent and the GT on the heatsink is also dead silent @ 100% rpm. I couldnt be happier.

Im really happy with the Kaze Maru 2 140mm for the side intake but the HAF 912 side intake is way too noisy with the fan at 100%. It doesnt seem to matter what fan you have in it. I suspect its the big honeycomb mesh making the noise. I think I may just cut that out with a Dremel.

Anyhow heres some PC porn of the new fans:


Thanks everyone for the input.
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