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Originally Posted by AndyChow View Post

I'm new here, but maybe I can give my opinion.
I see you're using windows 7. Just to be sure, go to resource monitor. What's in blue (standby) isn't really in use, it's just cache. But if your "available" memory is low, buy more.
You might also want to check for a memory leak. Going to Task Manager, processes, click View -> Select Columns -> Handles. If something is running over 4000 handles, it's likely a problem.
Different people have different use. I have 16 GB and I'm starting to feel the squeeze.
Don't listen to people that say you don't need more, because they have less and don't have trouble reading their emails. There's a reason some workstations have 192 GB of ram or more. Some people actually use their computers.
Here's my own use to show I'm not BSing. And I don't play videogames.
idle.png 40k .png file
using.png 58k .png file

so i went in resource monitor,all of the used memory was green, i saw nothing blue,in task meneger windows live messenger was at 2500 handles and explorer was at 3600, i restarted both of them and got a 2% memory usage drop :/, now i"m gonna try setting pagefile to 8GB , if i still have problems and ssd write remains huge i"m going for another kit of hyperX 2x4GB and then in the future when i replace my motherboard and cpu i won"t have to change my memory ,still i have a little problem, hyperX has high coolers that can"t fit under my zalman performa,i"m gonna have to place the fan on the other side of it witch will **** up my airflow or i"ll have to buy one of those scythe slip stream slims for witch i don"t know if they are any good.
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also i noticed that origin uses 8% of my ram when not restarted a few days, windows live can take quiet a bit and google chrome 12 - 15% ,when i restart it and re open same pages it uses third of ram that it used to use before?

EDIT: andy i have been looking at a wrong thing , here is a screenshot of what you have been looking for , but this is after i turned off half programs because of going for a restart :/

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sorry for trippleposting but i had to, so here is a screenshot after a restart, i started up all programs that i need and pagefile is at 8GB , now there is actually free space, before it was all standby, i also niticed that if i go play battlefield 3 with 50% ram full, it kicks is up to 85 - 90% but when i go out of game ram remains at 56-57% ,so he leaves some crap in memory:

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