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White PSU

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So I was thinking about getting this white NZXT PSU

Found a white nice sleeved PSU cable kit over at FrozenCPU that says it is for the AX1200 only; any reason I could not use these on the NZXT PSU?


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I'm not sure if i have any pictures yet. But I actually just vinyl wrapped my Corsair AX850 and MSI 580 Lightning with white to match my build. So don't think that NZXT is the only option smile.gif.

Edit: here is my Lightning, I hadn't done my PSU yet.


For the PSU I just unscrewed all of the parts that don't void the warranty, wrapped it then replaced the screws/fan grill for some contrast thumb.gif.
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The connectors on the PSU side for the cables are different as NZXT uses a Superflower OEM design and the AX1200 is a Flextronics manufactured Corsair design.
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