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Originally Posted by phantomphenom View Post

My temps are from low 30s's to mid 50's Celsius on full load. 2500k @ 4.6 ghz. They are quiet!

Very impressive, but all the reviews I see of Cougars P/P on the H100 have been amazing. I am kind of discouraged because I already own 3 AP-15s, but if Cougars are giving performance like that, I might have to just say screw it and go with them. I also hear that exhaust has given the best temps, especially on the 800D Corsair case (which is what I have).

Are you running your P/P as intake or exhaust?

Any round ups of the Cougars vs. AP-15s? I know the Cougars give best sound to performance ratio. But AP15s aren't that much louder. Which fans are giving best performance?
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I have a phantom 410 case and after much research I am deciding not going push pull and just use 2 gentle typhoon ap-15's in an exhaust configuration. I am going to want to mount these fans on the bottom of the radiator blowing up through correct?

Or should I have the 2 fans as intake? My case is under a desk so not much room to breathe, and I read that using the h100 as exhaust in that situation would be my best bet.

As for the other 3 fan slots, if I were to have the h100 as exhaust would I want the back fan slot to be intake, as well as the front 2? Thanks in advance.
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