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DRAM LED is on but sometimes system boots...

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Hi All - After solving for some silly issues in my new build I've hit another roadblock. I am only able to get my system to boot on occasion. I have managed to get windows installed, connected to the internet, all the drivers for the card, chip and mobo installed but for some reason the system only boots sometimes (very rarely and without me changing anything). System runs stable and super quick when I can get it booted but it doesn't want to boot.

I have read in a few places that the position of the fan headers can cause boot issues with the Asus P9x79 boards but despite trying every configuration I can think of I don't seem able to get past the root problem to be able to consistently boot up.

When I try to boot, and it fails, the DRAM Led lights up. When it works, the DRAM Led flashes as expected and then the system boots into windows.

I have the CPU Fan from the H60 (4 pin) connected to the CPU Fan header with the 3 pin connected to the CPU OPT header (is this maybe the issue? I'm not sure what the CPU Opt header is for since this is my first complete build) .

MOBO - Asus p9x79
CPU - Core i7 - 3820
RAM - 4 X 2GB Hyperx
GPU - Radeon - 6870
HSU - Corsair H60
PSU - 700W Extreme Power Plus
SSD - 128GB (OS Windows 7 prem.)

Does anyone have a picture of their p9X79 set up properly that they can share so I have a comparison point?

My system with the fan headers plugged in (I know, terrible quality but hoping something may jump out at someone). Excuse the loose wiring, I don't want to tie down until I can get this thing working!


When it boots, the BIOS screen says "Overclock Failed!"

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** Solved **

Flashed the BIOS with the newest update from last week and it resolved the Mem instability (listed fix on the update): Sys runs perfect now. Finally, it's game time!
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