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Uh if that is the case he will be paying for it going back as that panel is a 12ms panel and the listing clearly says for a 6ms. At the very lest i will be seeking a partial reimbursement from him/paypal if that ends up being the case.

Any one that has one of theses units and doesn't mind checking, Could you open it up and check to see what the panel model is(picture would be greate). Thanks.

Also if a inverted is present/installed then its not gonna be WLED.

Also mine is now showing up as shipped via EMS.
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I'm interested in either getting this or the catleap. What makes you think panel is 12ms? This would be unacceptable of course as want an upgrade over current 12ms monitor. Can it reach as high rates as catleap? Two advantages I see for this monitor is better stand and matte display.

I'd also like to know what it consumes while active, annoying how sparse info is out there.
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if we look here (which is not 100% complete list of panel, we CANNOT be sure that THIS panel is here)


we can only find 1 panel which is 27" 2560x1440 IPS LED and MATTE

this panel have better color (sRGB / 1.07bil / 10 bit) vs (adobeRGB / 16.7mil / 8bit)

and it have higher response time (according to this table)

but this table may be INCOMPLETE or INACCURATE

to be sure it is needed to open monitor case and check what panel it is

probably sometime we will know it, but first buyers didn't do that because of "warranty void if sticker removed"

we are not even sure if it is LED or CCFL...
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Sup guys thank you all for the growing info on this thread! Just like you guys I am looking to buy one of these babies. I am currently running 2 X Apple HD Cinema Displays 23" 1920 X 1200 monitors. I love the aluminum build and real good viewing angles too. The problem is that they are older LCD screens and images get stuck to the monitors after a short amount of time. A good example is this page, the blue margins at the right and left of this column are already stuck into the screen. mad.gif

I am an apple fanboy im not gonna lie, love os x, but just built my first hackintosh and even thou I love this screens, they're just not cutting it for me anymore. I was thinking of selling both and try to get me the newest 27" cinema display,but it won't happen its extremely expensive!!
I am so used to the antiglare coating on my MacBook Pro and on my 2 Cinema displays that I think it will be very hard to get used to glossy screens if I pick any of the other models.

So here I am, considering this anti-glare models. They seem like an amazing bang for the buck. I've been reading on the other "glossy" models and from the great feedback I've been hearing they look amazing to say the least.
So now a couple posts above someone mentioned that it is NOT the same display being used in the glossy models?
Will there be any dramatic difference between the two? besides the antiglare coating? Im really interested in seen some pictures of this bad boy.
I appreciate the pictures from the photobucket album but would it be possible to post some higher quality pics?

here are the specs of my current monitors and if anyone can tell me if its gonna be a huge improvement: tongue.gif


Thank You all and keep us posted thumb.gif

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Just got my Davi. It was packaged really well I must give credit to bigclothcraft for that.

It was the perfect pixel version and on testing it really had no dead/bright pixels.

However, on lowering the brightness to the lower levels it became pretty obvious that the left side of the screen was darker than the right.

Here is a screenshot of what it looks like.

On upping the brightness to middle levels makes it less apparent but its there.


Was able to get 71hz on my GTX 680..
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Placed my order on:04/12/12 with Red-Cap
is just now showing up in the tracking systems...
09:16 17-Apr-2012 Departure from outward office of exchange

Fairly obvious he waited till he had more orders fill in before actually shipping it out.... Hope i get it sometime before the week is over.

BTW, giskarded have you had a chance to check out what panel is has?

Really hoping that the panel is not a LM270WQ1-SDDA if its a true 12ms GTG.
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how's the coating of the screen? Blurry? Do you notice any degradation because of it? I am on doubt on going on a matte or glossy korean screen.
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Commander HK, I'm in conversation with Siberx here on OCN to see if he can look into fixing my screen brightness issue.

But want to make sure the vendor will offer me some kind of acceptable compromise/deal for the issue first. Dont want to open the monitor with the warranty sticker until I'm done talking with the vendor.

The coating is fine, I'm accustomed to AG coatings, and this one is no worse that the one on my HP ZR24W or LP series at work. I have a bright room and the glossy TV that I own is terrible. Much prefer matte screens personally.
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Does anyone know for sure if the Davi d279sv-vgq2 is led or ccfl?Im thinking of buying one.
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Originally Posted by giskarded View Post

Commander HK, I'm in conversation with Siberx here on OCN to see if he can look into fixing my screen brightness issue.

You talking about the resistor mod?
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