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guys, i posted the above link elsewhere in the forum, maybe i can get a response here. i really need some help/advice. this is what the thread stated:


Guys these are my specs, could use some advice.

Board =P67A-UD3-B3 (gigabyte)
CPU = 2500K i5
RAM = Patriot Sector 5 (2x4gb)
GPU = EVGA Nvidia 560 GTX
HDD = WD @ 7200rpm
OS = Win7 Home Premium

I followed Sin0882's OC guide to overclock my 2500K and eventually ran into an instant BSOD/restart loop when trying to enter windows. Here's what I did. I set all my settings as described in his guide to OC to 4.5ghz. It seemed to become stable when I set vcore to 1.42, then down to 1.39, but my load vcore would drop about 0.05 when running Prime95 so I enabled LLC. This didn't make a difference since I couldn't set the LLC level (older bios I assumed). So next I tried to lower vcore further and I got boot fails. Then I tried to put vcore back up to 1.39, then to 1.40 then to 1.42 and continued to get boot fails and the clock would default to 3.3ghz every time. My next step was to set vcore to auto. Doing this caused the overclock to take, and avoided boot fail, but then when trying to load windows, I would get an instant BSOD on Windows load, and reset which just loops. One other note, I can't adjust LLC level in my version of BIOS.

I haven't tried anything else yet, but I'm going to attempt the following:

-Reset CMOS, retry Sin's guide, don't enable PLL overvoltage (which seemed to make OC stable during testing), or use S1 sleep
-Take BLCK down from 1002 x 0.1mhz to 1000
-Run chkdsk /f
-Remove CMOS battery
-Format HDD
-Flash BIOS to F10, redo OC settings per Sin's guide, set LLC to level 6 under new BIOS

Just curious on your thoughts/suggestions. Also, to flash BIOS, can I do this with a USB drive or a CD?
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