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Hi, first time to these forums and first time overclock/ computer builder and all that good stuff. I read a couple posts regarding my CPU Athlon x4 645 and managed to overclock it to 3.6ghz from 3.1. I did so by increasing my FSB to 258, lowering my RAM speed and bumping up my multiplier to x14, which got me at 3.6ghz. Everything else was roughly stock 2000 HT and NB, with RAM back at 1333. Give or take a few.

I disable C1E and Cool and quiet and am wondering if my voltages are bad. With voltages set at auto it reads 1.4 in CPU-Z and bumps up to 1.42 when I start doing prime 95 or play a game like BF3. Oddly enough if I set voltages to manual stock of 1.375 it reads 1.4 and then 1.44 when I start to stress it. What is the reason for this and should I be concerned?

My temps are 30 degrees idle and 48 under load.

Also any tips on improving my overclocking would be immensely appreciated. Thanks in advance!

athlon x4 645
gb 990fx ud3
8gb kingston ram
850w xfx pro
xfx 6770