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4ghz 1055t instability issues

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Hello, I managed to get my 1055t to 4ghz. However im having some stability issues. I get BSODs the either state MEMORY MANAGEMENT or Modification to system. This always occurs approximately 10 minutes into windows. Prior to the BSOD I do have programs crashing, although sometimes the system may seem stable but will randomly BSOD. Antivirus seems to not work either when booting into this OC. When I set the OC back to 3.8ghz everything works fine. So no idea whats going on here. I dont think its an issue with the CPU but im not qualified to actually make that assessment seeing as im quite new to OC’ing. So if anybody could tell me how to get this thing to 4ghz that would be awesome!

This is what I’ve tried
CPU Voltage to 1.475
DRAMM 1.65v 9-9-9-24-1T
CPU/NB 1.25v
CPU/NB 2002mhz
HT freq 2002mhz
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Welcome to OCN.

Create a rig by going to your profile and clicking on rigbuilder top right hand corner. that way we can see what parts you are using.

Download CPUz and post a screen shot of the CPU and Memory Tabs.

Download HW Monitor and post a screen shot of the temps.

1.475 volts looks a little high for 4GHz. What kind of cooling are you using? Is it stock or an aftermarket CPU cooler?

What Bsod Number are you getting? Download Nirsofts Bluescreen view. It will give us more info.
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Try more CPU-NB voltage.  1.475V is fine.

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I upped the CPU/NB to 1.3v and that didnt work. Should I try any higher? Or is it too dangerous?
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in my experience beyond 1.35 for cpu/nb is little use. will only increase temps.

what was the bsod number?

what parts are you using in your rig?
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The majority of the BSODs are telling me this "Probably caused by : ntoskrnl.exe ( nt+80640 )".
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Thats the program the BSOD occurred in but not the identifying number.

Reread post #2.

BSODS start with 0x0000124 or something similar. Nirsoft will give you more information that you can post to help us.

The CPUz CPU tab shot gives us more information about how you are overclocking.
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Heres all the BSODs. the.png 212k .png file
and the CPU CPUZ asdads.png 41k .png file
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Very strange. I gave the NB and HT about .05 more volts and it lasted an hour without BSOD. So guess it may have something to do with that. Although not entirely positive.
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