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Shifting Rig Towards Workstation

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Hi all,

I just ordered my quieter fans from my last thread in the silent computing subforum so it's time to think about what's next!

I'd like to shift my current rig (in sig) to more of a workstation. Here's what I do and what I need

Memory: I process images on the level of 22000 x 22000 for my work so I need at least 16gb of memory. Right now I have some generic DDR3 1333 overclocked to 1600mhz but I'd like to go a little faster or lower latency

CPU: Bottleneck has been reached on Gimp. I need cores, and I need fast cores. Also the program I compile to is largely single threaded so again, fast cores.

Motherboard: I had to take out some HDD's because I don't have enough SATA ports. So whatever I get I'd like to have plenty of SATA ports

GPU: Not particularly essential. Very little I do is GPU heavy, none of my work programs GPU accelerated with the exception of Gimp becoming GPU accelerated soon. The GTX 560Ti will do it's job

Storage: Got 2.5TB of HDD storage and a 60GB SSD. If anything I'd get another SSD to store my projects on while working. A typical project is 30-60gb so it'd have to be fairly large...

Anyways I'd like thoughts on what I should upgrade first to shift from a gaming oriented rig to workstation. In a much older thread I was price unlimited but then the car needed new tires, a new radiator, new water pump, a new timing belt, then taxes, then this whole needing to eat thing keeps happening... so I'm not budget unlimited smile.gif

I'd like to do some gradual upgrades and maybe start with spending ~$600 for the first step. But it is all tax deductible... so a little over never hurt anybody.

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Nevermind this thread... got an i7-2600K and a Gigabyte Z77 mobo for $300 biggrin.gif
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