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Hi Guys,

I'm looking for abit of advice and maybe a helping hand if anybody as got the same hardware smile.gif

I'll list my system details below, what I'm after doing is to see if I can push my CPU to run stable at 4Ghz or very close to it and to speed both my RAM and GPU up whilst maintaining a stable system smile.gif I am new to this.


Intel Pentium Celeron D 940 (Preslar)
Original Clock: 3.20Ghz6770
Current Overclock using Mainboard AI Tuning: 3.84Ghz (Stable but have had BSODs in the past)


Total Installed: 6GB
Type: DDR2 (PC-5300)
Timing: 5-5-5-15-20 at 333Mhz


Card: Asus EAH6770
Interface: PCI


Case Cooling: 1x 200mm Case Fan at the top of the case exhausting hot air at the top
1x 120mm Case Fan drawing the air away from the GPU (aswell as the GPU Fan)
2x 120mm Fans installed on the case front drawing air in over the HDDs
CPU is watercooled with a 120mm radiator fan,


Type: ASUS P5N-D Socket LGA775

I can go 1:1 ratio CPU with Mem

Cheers Guys.