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The below is my plan -- please let me know if it will not work so I don't waste my money on return shipping.


Laptop 1: Dell Latitude E6400 -- DisplayPort -- Some integrated graphics
Laptop 2: Dell XPS 14 L401X -- MiniDisplayPort -- Nvidia Geforce GT 420M


Catleap Q270 -- Dual Link DVI

Goal: Can be able to connect both computers (interchangeably) to the monitor.


1 x MiniDP (male) + USB (male) to Dual Link DVI Adapter (male) (~$65 monoprice)

1 x DisplayPort (male) to 1 x MiniDP (female) ( can not even find)
Alternative -- 1 x Display Port (male) to MiniDP (male)
Alternative -- 1 x MiniDP (female) to MiniDP (female)

Can I just plug these in like this:

Laptop 1 --> DisplayPort Output(female)--> DP(male) to MiniDP(male) --> miniDP(female) to miniDP (female) --> miniDP(male) to Dual-DVI(male) --> Monitor Input

Laptop 2 --> miniDP output(female) -->miniDP(male) to Dual-DVI(male) --> Monitor Input

Will this Work?